We Do

Our motto: Transcending denominationalism to build the Kingdom of God is more than a nifty by-line: it defines our mission.

The Gospels report time and again that Jesus went about proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom. Yet, for almost two thousand years, ministers have been busy building their own, local kingdoms.

Our world-view is quite different. We see the whole world divided into two kingdoms: The Kingdom of Light and Life and the Kingdom of Darkness and Death. A persons' relationship with Christ determines his citizenship. (John 3:36, "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.") Our lives are then spent rescuing people from the Kingdom of Darkness. Once they have been delivered into the Kingdom of Light, it then becomes our responsibility to disciple them so that they become mature enough to carry on the quest.

We Start Churches:

In 1972, while still in Bible College, Dale and Terri were one of three couples appointed to establish Grace Bible Church in Grant Michigan. Over the next four decades the Set Free team would be responsible for pioneering over 40 new churches.

Dedication of a new church in
Kerala, South India. This fellowship
meets under a tarp next to a factory.

One of the early prayer meetings at
Mason Road Assembly of God in
Katy, Texas

We Build Churches:

When a Church is first established, the congregation usually meets in temporary facilities. Sooner or later, a permanent sanctuary is needed. The Set Free team works with local architects and engineers on the building design and we provide the building materials. The church members then work together to erect their church building.

Dr. Climie and part of the Set
Free team at the dedication of
one of our churches in South
India. Notice how they are
dressed in the traditional
Malayalam costumes in
celebration of this wonderful

Dale and Terri’s oldest son –
Dale Timothy – oversees a
group of young men who are
temporarily distracted after a
sudden rain storm flooded
the trench they were digging
while installing the drainage
system for Mason Road
Assembly of God.

We Conduct Evangelistic Crusades:

The evangelistic crusade is truly the cornerstone of all the Set Free ministries in the Middle East and India. Unlike the mega-churches and television ministries who target the large, metropolitan areas for their evangelism efforts, the Set Free team prefers to minister to the smaller, jungle villages. These villages are situated in dense jungle settings where electricity isn’t available. The advance team arrives a day or two before the crusade to set up the tent, electrical generator, 200 electric lights, the sound system and platform. At sunset, when the villagers usually return to their huts (no electricity = no light), we fire-up the generator, turn all 200 lights on along with the sound system, and our crusade choir begins to sing. The villagers come to listen to the music and leave after hearing the plan of salvation. We often establish a new church in the area to minister to the new converts.
Rev. K.V. Monachen
(Bishop of our ministries
in north India) leads the
singing at a three-day
crusade in north India.

We Conduct Healing Crusades:

At Set Free Ministries, we believe that “the power verifies the message”. “… we know you are a teacher from God: for no man can do the miracles you do, except God be with him”, John 3:2. God has used the Set Free team to heal hundreds over the years. Several villages have been won to Christ after those with incurable or terminal illnesses have been miraculously delivered.
Praying for a Hindu
man at a healing
crusade. The two
men to Dr. Climie’s
right are young
pastors who are
receiving on-the-job

We Train Ministers:

When Set Free Ministries partnered with the Conservative Anglican Church, we merged our Covenant Christian College and Seminary into the Saint James University in Florida. Saint James is fully recognized by the Florida Board of Education and has an extension campus in Katy, Texas. Additionally, Dr. Climie conducts an advanced ministry seminar every Saturday evening, hosted by Pastor Thomas and Mary Alexander in Stafford, Texas.

The advanced ministry class in Stafford, TX.

Pastoral students in India are assigned to one of our bishops for on-the-job training then attend extensive seminars with Dr. Climie.

We Bring Church Denominations Together:

Christ always intended for His Church to operate in unity: John 17:22, “And the glory which thou gave to me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one”. Satan has successfully used denominationalism to divide the Body of Christ. For more than 30 years, the Set Free team as ministered within most of the major denominations, breaking-down barriers and building understanding between churches. Dr. Climie has negotiated Letters of Communion between several denominations around the world: Transcending denominationalism to build the Kingdom of God. On August 5, 2006, he was consecrated as a Bishop in the Conservative Anglican Church. This event made Set Free Ministries, International the only full gospel organization with all 16 recognized lines of apostolic succession.
Bishop Climie celebrates the
Eucharist (Holy Communion),
attended by Father Robert of
the Conservative Anglican
Church to his right and Father
Abraham of the Church of
South India to his left.